"We would recommend The Body Furnace for any cool weather activity."

— Belinda & Glen Wink


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"This is a must have for spring turkey hunting.  In central Minnesota in April and May the woodticks are terrible.  I’ve used this product the last couple of years while turkey hunting and haven’t had a problem with ticks.  One time I forgot to put some on and was just crawling with them.  With all the horror stories of Lyme’s Disease the last few years I am not going to take that chance again."

— Glen Wink


Order & Shipping Policy

We do not accept orders from outside the United States of America and do not ship to destinations outside the United States of America.

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The Body Furnace
As owners of Pro Fishing Outdoors, my wife and I (Belinda & Glen Wink) are avid outdoors people. We live in Central Minnesota and started using the Body Furnace in the fall of 2012 for fishing and hunting. It is lightweight and comfortable to use. The high – off- low switch really comes in handy. You just turn on the heat when needed and as much as needed. When worn around the torso, The Body Furnace provides heat to your body core and uses your circulatory system to transfer heat to your body’s extremities.


The Body Furnace has worked great for sitting in the deer stand. Usually when you go out to the deer stand in the afternoon the air feels warmer so you don’t dress as warm. When the sun is setting and the deer start moving you start to get a little chill. Now instead of telling yourself you should have dressed warmer, all you have to do is turn The Body Furnace on and stay warm for the rest of your evening!


The Body Furnace
The Body Furnace
(Not including Battery Pack)
$24.95 each

The Body Furnace is a battery operated heating device that helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature. The unique compact design provides maximum heat transfer to your body with minimum battery output. The Body Furnace has a High(II)-Off-Low(I) switch to control the heat output for your personal comfort level. Batteries will last approximately 4 hours on the low setting and 2 hours on the high setting. The Body Furnace is designed to radiate heat from one side only; therefore, it is important to place the warm side against your body.

Body Furnace Rechargable Battery Pack
Rechargable Battery Pack
$20.00 each

The Body Furnace battery pack is a 9.6v 2200mah nimh rechageable battery with charger that can be used with the heater in place of the battery holder furnished. This rechargeable pack will heat approximately 6 hours on a charge. The battery pack will take approximately 6 hours to charge. The battery can be recharged hundreds of times. The charger can also be used to recharge batteries in the battery holder, if rechargeable batteries are used. This will provide the user with two packs and up to 12 hours of heating time.

(Photo Coming Soon)
The Body Furnace WITH Rechargable Battery Pack
$44.95 each

The Body Furnace with Rechargeable Battery Pack provides you with a complete body warming system. Please see descriptions above for additional information.

BugBand Insect Repellent
BugBand Natural Insect Repellent products are some of the most popular natural insect repellents in the world... and they are 100% DEET free.


According to laboratory and field studies by the Universityof Florida in Gainesville, Geraniol, the active ingredient in BugBand natural Insect Repellent, has been proven effective in repelling a wide variety of insects, including mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, gnats, dog ticks, lone star ticks, and no-see-ums. This means that BugBand Natural Insect Repellent makes a great natural alternative to DEET insect repellents.


Perfect for when you need heavy-duty protection, BugBand spray lotion does not contain any propellants, but relies on a highly effective metered pump sprayer to dispense a fine mist over the area to be treated. By spraying the BugBand liquid directly on clothing or skin, the Geraniol vapors form a protective barrier to deter blood-sucking insects from biting. It is ideal for uses around the ankles, wrist or neck, where insects tend to invade clothing. Use once for hours of insect protection.


BugBand Insect Repellent 3 oz.

3 oz. BugBand Insect Repellent
$4.75 Each

BugBand Insect Repellent 6 oz.

6 oz. BugBand Insect Repellent
$6.75 Each